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Toro RollcarT™ Traveling Sprinkler

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  • Variable Speed – Adjustable travel speed allows the RollcarT to be dialed in to meet the specific needs of the turf.
  • Auto Shutoff – To eliminate water waste and over-watering, the RollcarT will stop irrigation and traveling once the guide cable has been fully retracted and the pass/cycle is complete.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Encased in a sealed gearbox, the drive gears have a very low friction factor and are practically maintenance free.
  • Flexible – A guide cable length of over 350 feet presents a wide range of applicable settings.



Radius 52-64 feet
Flow 11-20 gallons per minute
Arc Part circle (30°-330°) / Full circle (360°)
Recommended Operating Pressure 65 psi
Maximum Operating Pressure 100 psi
Minimum Operating Pressure 50 psi
Inlet 1" (Quick Coupling)
Weight 60 pounds
Operating Pressure 65 psi
Dimensions 30" long x 18" wide x 16" tall