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Toro EICON Special Build

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Communication Options

Not only has Sentinel been at the forefront of narrowband radio technology as an irrigation control and data transmission method, but we also have extensive experience in systems utilizing Ethernet, Internet, Spread Spectrum Radio, Cellular Phone, Landline Phone, Fiber Optics, Radio Repeaters, or a combination of the above. So, if narrowband radios don’t work, tell us what will.

Enclosures To Meet Your Needs

Every installation is not the same and one enclosure does not work in every situation. If you prefer sandstone-colored plastic, because your landscape is in a semi-arid environment where green plastic just does not work, or if you need painted metal enclosures, or enclosures with 9 or 96 stations, let us know.

Retro-Link Options

Many existing controllers, like the Irritrol® MC-E or a Rain Bird® ESP-MC can be upgraded with a Sentinel Retro-Link to turn them into a Sentinel Satellite without needing to replace the controller.

Tell Us What You Need

Whether it is solar-powered controllers, a non-standard voltage supply, or other issues you need solved, tell us what you need. We’ll tell you if it’s possible.


Sorry, currently there are no specs but check back with us later.