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Toro Groundsmaster® 3500 Series 68" Mower

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Sidewinder® Cutting Unit System

Sidewinder cutting units shift left and right a total of 24 inches (61 cm). This allows the tire tracks to be shifted within the mowing path to reduce wear on the turf.

Operator Comfort

Deluxe seat adjusts to let you customize your work environment and reduce fatigue. Plenty of space at the operators station paired with easy-to-read controls increases comfort. Plus the steering wheel tilts for steering preference.

Quality of Cut

The Contour™ Plus cutting technology takes quality of cut to a whole new level. Air inlet pockets keep the grass standing tall for the cleanest possible cut, while an acceleration baffle speeds clipping circulation and assures maximum power. In addition, a unique directional vane and modified discharge opening deliver even clipping dispersion. An optional mulching kit is also available.

Scalp-Free Mowing

The ground-following design of each Contour™ Plus free-floating deck permits mowing the most challenging berms without scalping. Two front rollers and a rear roller allow the deck to smoothly pass over turf.

Superior Traction

The unique Toro Series/Parallel™ traction drive system provides steady traction in all conditions, even in wet grass and over undulating terrain. Its full-time, 3-wheel drive system maintains power to two of the three wheels at all times, minimizing tire spinouts and scuffing.

Time Saving

Unlike any other mower on the market, the Groundsmaster® 3500-D allows you to be more productive. The 68" (173 cm) width-of-cut allows you to mow generous swaths, yet its compact size and the Sidewinder® system also allow you to make tight maneuvers in trim areas. So places that might normally require you to use one or two different machines can be handled by one.

  • 24.8hp (18.5kW) Kubota® Tier 4 Final Diesel Engine or 32.7 hp (24.4) Kubota® Gas Engine
  • 3-wheel drive in mowing and transport
  • 68” - 72” (173 - 183cm) width of cut; up to 4.1 acres/hr (1.6 hectares/hr)
  • Mowing Speed: 0-6 mph (0-10 km/h) Transport Speed: 0-9 mph (0-14 km/h)


Fuel Capacity 10 - 11 gallons (37.9 L - 41.6 L)
Cutting Width 68" - 72" with 12" Sidewinder offset
Engine Horsepower 24.8hp Diesel Engine or 32.7 hp Gas Engine
Engine Displacement 1123cc Diesel or 962cc Gas
Ground Speed Mowing Speed: 0-6 mph (0-10 km/h) Transport Speed: 0-9 mph (0-14 km/h)
Steering Controls Hydraulic power steering
Tires 20 X 10-10, 4-ply rating, Toro Turf Tread Rear tires. 20 X 12-10, 4-ply rating, Toro Turf Tread Front tires.
Traction Drive 3-wheel drive hydrostatic series/parallel closed-loop transmission
Weight Approx. 2,110 lbs. (957 kg)