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Toro Lynx Smart Satellite

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  • Faster microprocessor and increased memory for high performance today and the capacity for future enhancements tomorrow.
  • Fewer cables and connectors, corrosion-resistant metals, vented circuit board covers, and simplified power distribution contribute to greater reliability.
  • New digital radio with an integrated modem provides improved communication signal integrity, new diagnostic information, and control options.
  • Designed to integrate with the new Sensor Input Kit, allowing either local or Lynx Central response to information from anywhere on the course.


  • Power
    Input Power: 108 V ac to 132 V ac, 60 Hz, 0.20 amps (no load) 115 V ac, 1.2 amps (max. load) 115 V ac, 216 V ac to 264 V ac, 50 Hz, 0.10 amps (no load) 230 V ac, 0.60 amps (max. load) 230 V ac
  • Number of Stations
    16-64 stations in 16 station increments; individual station control and the ability to run up to 32 stations simultaneously
  • Output Power
    24 V ac: 3.0 amps (max. total load)