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New Holland 840CD Rigid Draper

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The 840CD rigid draper head delivers outstanding performance in cereals, grains and specialty crops such as rice, so you can harvest every bit of your valuable crop. These rugged headers are available in cutting widths of 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 feet.

A six-bat New Holland-designed cam reel smoothly feeds crop to the cutterbar and draper belts. The 25-, 30- and 35-foot heads feature a single-span, plastic-tine pickup reel while 40- and 45-foot models use a dual-span reel. For harvesting rice, a 25-foot single-span and 30- or 35- foot dual-span steel tine reel options are also available.

The 840CD cutterbar handles high-yielding crops cleanly using three-inch guards and over-serrated knife sections with 10 or 14 teeth per inch working at 1260 cuts per minute. The header height control system features four sensors. All header widths (except 25 and 30’) come with standard gauge wheels to ensure even stubble height. The hydraulically driven SynchroKnife™ drive system uses a patented single gearbox mounted in the middle of the cutterbar to drive both knife assemblies. This unique and patented design distributes weight evenly, neutralizes header vibration and leads to an exceptionally smooth cutting action.

Variable-speed outer draper belts and fixed-speed, twin, 41.6-inch center draper belts deliver the crop smoothly to the floating 26-inch-diameter auger. The auger features five-inch flighting and handles heavy crop, feeding it smoothly into the combine. A flatter auger floor angle aids crop flow. The auger can be adjusted up and down.


Model 840CD Rigid Draper 
Draper Header 
Cutting width, ft in 25, 30, 35, 40, 45
Rigid or Flex Rigid
Vertical Flex Range, in n/a
Automatic Header Height Control Standard
Gauge / Stabilizer wheels Standard 35' and wider
Low Speed Transport Optional, hydraulic deploy
Sickle Cutterbar 
Single or double knife Dual opposing knives
Knife width 3
Knife drive Synchro-knife center mounted drive
Knife speed, strokes per minute 2 x 630 = 1260
Number of bats or tine bars 6 tine bars
Tine material Plastic std; steel opt.
Reel Diameter, in 42
Reel speed, rpm 0 to 60
Draper and Infeed 
Cross Belt width, in 41.5
Cross Belt speed, ft/min 0 to 863 rpm
Center Infeed belt speed, ft/min 769 rpm
Center Infeed belt width, in Two 41.5 = 83
Infeed drum or auger diameter, in 26
Upper Cross Auger Optional
Weight, 25' width, lb 5,230
Weight, 30' width, lb 5,642
Weight, 35' width, lb 6,142
Weight, 40' width, lb 7,752
Weight, 45' width, lb 9,342