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Mensch Mfg.

Making Farmers Jobs Faster and Easier

  • Mensch manureScrapers 2018

    Manure Scrapers

    Mensch manure scrapers are used to scrape away manure quickly and easily. Getting right down to the ground the rubber edge cleans in as little as one pass.

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  • Mensch SideShooter 2018


    Designed to spread sand or sawdust into free stall barns, back fill, and can be used in many other applications.

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  • Mensch MV 2018

    Manure Vacuum

    Barns no longer need to have an integrated manure handling system during construction. The Manure Vacuum replaces the need for pumps, augers, and concrete channels to transport manure from the barn to the storage lagoon or process facility.

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  • Mensch FAS 2018

    Feed Alley Scrapers

    The feed alley scrapers are used to keep the feed close to cows. This makes cows more inquisitive encouraging them to get up and feed more.

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  • Mensch fluffer 2018


    Fluffers are used to aerate bedding speeding up its bacterial breakdown. They also level bedding making it more comfortable and safer for cows.

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  • Mensch BaleSpear 2018

    Bale Spears

    Round Bale Spear / Square Bale Spear

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  • Mensch Fork 2018


    • 48" solid forged forks
    • 3000 lb capacity at 24" Load Center
    • Adjustable 0-48"
    • Quicktach hookup for almost all skid steers
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  • Mensch BottomBedder 2018

    Bottom Bedder

    The poultry bottom bedder is used to lay bedding for chickens, turkeys, and other fowl. The unit uses a rotating drum on the underside of the bucket to evenly lay down the bedding.

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  • Mensch Skidhoe 2018


    The skid steer fronthoe is designed to make landscaping and excavating jobs quicker and easier. The fronthoe makes trenching quick and is capable of digging up to 6 1/2ft deep with a forward reach of 7ft. 

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  • Mensch Rake 2018


    The Mensch Rake is designed to grade, mix soil, and prepare seed beds. The tiller incorporates a sealed direct drive motor which eliminates high maintenance chains and belts.

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