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Massey Ferguson 5S.115

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The muscle to tackle any task.

  • AGCO POWER ENGINE:  All MF 5S Series tractors are powered by a new AGCO Power 4.4 liter, Tier 4 final compliant engine, which delivers maximum powers from 115hp to 145hp.
  • ALL-IN-ONE SCR TECHNOLOGY:  These compact engines use the advanced and highly efficient All-In-One SCR Technology.
  • PERFORMANCE:  Further improving performance and emissions control is the electronic wastegate on the turbocharger, while the automatic low idle engine speed also cuts fuel consumption.
  • AFTER-TREATMENT COMPONENTS:  After-treatment components are located on the right side, below the cab, so there is no impact on visibility or cab access. This position maintains good ground clearance and service access and allows fuel tank capacity to be increased to 53 gallons.
  • AIRFLOW SYSTEM:  A new optimised airflow system improves engine cooling, which increases performance and boosts efficiency.
  • EFFICIENT DRIVELINES BRING HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY:  The proven Dyna-4 transmission provides 16 speeds with optional Auto-Drive™ for automatic shifting, helping to achieve the desired ground speed for any application.
  • POWER CONTROL:  The Power Control lever provides convenient three-in-one, straightforward operation. Operators can shuttle between forward/reverse, shift Dynashift speeds and ranges and select neutral, leaving the right hand free.
  • RIGHT-HAND T-HANDLE:  Renowned for its outstanding, robust reliability with smooth and effortless operation, Dyna-4 is easy to operate using the left-hand Power Control Lever or the T-lever on the right-hand console on Essential models.
  • MULTIPAD - CONTROL AT THE PALM OF YOUR HAND:  As standard on Deluxe Models, the Multipad lever operates the transmission as well as controlling cruise control, the rear linkage, PTO, headland management, spool valves through the integrated mini-joystick.
  • SPEEDMATCHING AS STANDARD:  Speedmatching automatically selects the correct Dyna-4 speed to match the forward speed when changing gears.
  • BRAKE TO NEUTRAL:  Brake to Neutral switch (Option) simultaneously operates the clutch as soon as the brake pedal is pressed. This eases the load on the operator, while increasing efficiency and convenience and is particularly useful for loader operations.
  • SUPERCREEP:  Close control in unique low-speed tasks is assured with additional supercreep gears, enabling forward speeds as low as .1 mph to be achieved.
  • COMFORT CONTROL:  Smooth or quick shuttling – you choose by simply adjusting the Comfort Control that suits the job – slow and smooth or fast and efficient.
  • DYNA-6: Delivering class-leading dynamic performance and reliability, the semi-powershift transmission consists of six Dynashift ratios, optimally stepped in four ranges and changed without engaging the clutch pedal.
  • AUTODRIVE:  Autodrive taking automatic care of up and downshifting to maximise versatility and output. Response point is adjustable according to desired engine rpm parameters.
  • SUPERECO:  AutoDrive also cuts costs, with standard SuperEco ensuring top speed is achieved at a very low engine rpm, cutting fuel consumption – achieving 25mph/hr at 1,550rpm.


Hydraulic Peformance

The MF 5S Series is engineered for hard work with uprated lift capacities that allow it to carry heavier loads and work faster with modern machines and implements.

  • HIGH CAPACITY REAR LINKAGE:  Specifically optimized for the new MF 5S Series, the rear linkage now boasts an impressive lift capacity of up to 10,300 lbs, enabling it to lift and handle heavy mounted equipment with ease.
  • HYDRAULICS ADJUSTMENT:  Fully adjustable lift rods and heavy-duty stabilizers provide plenty of adjustment for the perfect attachment and setting for a wide range of mounted and semi-mounted implements.
  • AUXILIARY SPOOL VALVES:  A wide choice of spool valves and control options help you make the most of using modern implements as well as ease operation. Depending on your tractor’s specification, you’ll find up to four spool valves to meet all your requirements.
  • CLASSIC MODELS - SPOOL VALVES:  There’s straightforward mechanical control of the spool valves on Classic Models, with the addition of a comfortable dedicated joystick option for precise loader control.
  • DELUXE MODELS - SPOOL VALVES:  Deluxe Model operators benefit from a new armrest-mounted electronic joystick for the control of the four spool valves.
  • HEAVY-DUTY INTEGRATED FRONT LINKAGE SYSTEM:  With its 6,600lb lift capacity (+17% vs previous range), at the ball ends, the new stronger, compact Integrated Front Linkage System enables you to take full advantage of the power of the MF 5S Series.
  • CLOSE-COUPLED FRONT LINKAGE:  Redesigned to match the new optional front suspension, the close-coupled front linkage is an integral part of the design, maintaining the tractor’s compact dimensions, while enhancing stability and manoeuvrability.
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING ELECTRONIC LINKAGE CONTROL (ELC):  The latest Electronic Linkage Control (ELC) system provides precise and responsive operation of the linkage functions, ensuring accurate control of the working depth for soil-engaging implements and working height for mounted implements.
  • ELC POTENTIOMETER:  Accurate electronic control provides convenient linkage operation. The ELC potentiometer is positioned to the right of the operator for comfortable and easy use, providing precise control of implement depth as well as lifting and lowering the linkage.
  • ELECTRONIC LIFT CONTROL PANEL:  The Electronic Lift Control panel provides straightforward adjustment of other rear linkage functions helping to improve productivity.
  • ELC STANDARD FEATURES:  Useful standard features include Active Transport Control, which automatically absorbs shocks on the road, as well as external lift/lower controls, located on the right and left-hand fenders.
  • STANDARD OPEN-CENTER 15GAL/MIN PUMP:  The system provides plenty of flow and pressure to the linkage and external hydraulic functions for lifting heavy equipment or powering auxiliary accessories.
  • OPTIONAL OPEN-CENTER COMBINED FLOW 26 GAL/MIN PUMP:  This system employs a simple, novel design to generate continuous flow. This provides full flow to separate functions, such as the linkage and spool valves, as well as provide higher efficiency and power for loader applications.
  • CLOSED-CENTER, HIGH-FLOW 29 GAL/MIN PUMP:  This employs a variable displacement swash plate pump and load-sensing control to deliver high flowrates at low engine speeds, helping to maintain high output with economy.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY PTO:  A straightforward driveline to the Independent PTO delivers maximum power and efficiency. There is a choice of three speeds, selected easily using rocker switches, conveniently located on the console.



Compact and manoeuvrable, MF 5S tractors are easy and comfortable to use – in the field, on the road and around the farmyard and buildings.

  • AUTOMATED CONTROL:  A smart transmission controller automates frequently-used functions, including differential lock, PTO and Speedmatching transmission.
  • HYDRALOCK:  Hydralock delivers true four-wheel drive with fast and fully simultaneous engagement of the front and rear differential locks.
  • DRIVESHAFT:  Center-mounted (enclosed) driveshaft offers excellent ground clearance.
  • FRONT AXLE SUSPENSION:  A new, stronger suspended front axle offers an industry-leading 13ft turning radius. Working with the new 3 ton capacity front linkage helps improve efficiency and enables the tractor to use larger front mounted implements.
  • HYDARULIC SUSPENSION:  Extra comfort is offered by the electronically-controlled hydraulic suspension, which uses two longer stroke cylinders (nearly 4 inches) and three accumulators to absorb shocks.
  • SPEED STEER:  The optional Speed Steer feature allows sharp turns to be achieved with far fewer rotations of the steering wheel, so you can make headland or turnrow turns quicker and easier.
  • TIGHT TURNING CIRCLE:  Specially designed cutaways in the chassis and bonnet help deliver a turning radius of 13ft - one of the best on the market, making it easier to access confined areas and buildings - helping you work More easily.
  • FADE FREE BRAKING:  Safe and efficient braking from large disc brakes cooled by constant pressure lubrication. This system is now completed with both pneumatic or hydraulic trailer brakes.



Operators of the new MF 5S series sit comfortably in a high quality, productive environment that is quiet and cool with straightforward controls making it easy to get the best from the tractor.

  • ERGONOMICS:  Large doors and wide, well-spaced steps offer easy access to the MF 5S cab. Here you will find all operating information is where you need it on the comprehensive new dashboard.
  • ARMREST:  The new armrest houses all the key elements, offering a blend of simplicity and ease of use, with all main functions ergonomically grouped. Here you will also find quick and convenient controls for other items such as Bluetooth phone and radio.
  • BENEFIT FROM TOP CLASS COMFORT:  The MF 5S helps you to boost productivity, save time and improve performance thanks to its 360° visibility, easy access and new cab suspension.
  • COMFORT FEATURES:  Features include automatic beacon activation on the road and a ‘return home’ function, which automatically switches off the worklights and has a comfort cab light delay so you can safely leave.
  • CAB FEATURES:  There’s also extra sockets for mobile phones or laptop, radio and MP3 player (USB, Aux and CD), Bluetooth connection, digital radio, telescopic side mirrors and electric de-icing, plus automatic air conditioning.
  • OPTIONAL 12 LED LIGHTS:  The addition of the option of up to 12 LED working lights provides outstandingly bright illumination.
  • SEATS:  For top class comfort, you’ll find a choice of seats to suit the work you do. Mechanical suspension is ideal for road applications, while a choice of automatic, air suspended seats give extra comfort for long working days.
  • DASHBOARD WITH SIS – SETUP AND INFORMATION SCREEN:  The clear, sharp and easy to read 70mm x 52mm color screen shows a range of information including tractor performance, working area, working distance, fuel and DEF consumption as well as engine and transmission temperature.
  • SELECT THE ROOF TO FIT YOUR NEEDS:  With the choice of choosing the visio roof, you now the option of adding even more visibility when operating a loader.
  • BETTER BY DESIGN:  With the introduction of the MF 5S, Massey Ferguson continues its striking new era design first seen on the advanced, new MF 8S Series, following the same striking ‘neo-retro’ livery with modern headlights and LED signature.
  • HERITAGE:  This design pays tribute to the brand’s heritage, incorporating an interpretation of the iconic MF grey saber stripe on the side and horse head collar motif on the hood, which dates back to the MF 100 series.


Operator Environment

The MF 5S Series is equipped to a high standard specification, which is complemented by useful optional equipment packages that help you get job done more easily and efficiently. All information regarding these packages can be found in the table below.

  • CLASSIC MODELS:  Classic is the base specification for the MF 5S Series, but it is anything but basic. It provides all the key elements you would expect from MF, with a blend of simplicity, ease of use and versatility to fit the needs that require power and performance.
  • DELUXE MODELS:  Deluxe tractors, equipped with many advanced features, are designed for more intensive, larger-scale operations seeking cost-effective benefits for the business.


Farm Management

A range of technology in the MF 5S helps you manage your operations and business more effectively and efficiency. Offering these advanced systems in the 105hp to 145hp sector clearly shows the pace of innovation and progress being set by Massey Ferguson. More than ever before, modern progressive farmers are relying on data and information to keep vital records, improve efficiency and productivity to increase yields, reduce costs and increase returns. Massey Ferguson’s straightforward, dependable and intuitive technology is easy to use helping owners and operators to operate equipment more effectively, analyse operations and make informed decisions to increase profits.

  • DATATRONIC 5 - STANDARD ON DELUXE MODELS:  The Datatronic 5 system literally puts all the functions of the MF 5S tractor at the operator’s fingertips via its smart 9in touch-screen.
  • FIELDSTAR 5:  The new Fieldstar 5 terminal is designed in order to create a more intuitive Precision Farming experience, providing a system that delivers a straightforward an easy to use experience, improving efficiency, productivity and profitability.
  • MF GUIDE:  MF Guide is Massey Ferguson’s full-featured, hands-free steering system, available on new tractors or as an after-market installation. It is capable of delivering precise, high-accuracy movement, increasing the efficiency of your farming.
  • MF SECTION CONTROL:  With the fully automatic Section Control for ISOBUS implements, operators can apply seeds, fertilizer or crop protection products without overlapping. This prevents double treatment and areas worked outside of the field edges.
  • MF TASKDOC:  The MF TaskDoc system has a real place in the future of agriculture, helping farmers to become more productive through the knowledge brought by putting precision-measured data at the business owner’s fingertips.
  • MF CONNECT:  MF Connect service enables you — and your dealer — to coordinate, optimize and seamlessly connect your fleet, to better manage maintenance and remotely monitor equipment in the field.


ENGINE  AGCO Power 4.4L, 4 cylinders