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Massey Ferguson 8740S

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  • Stepless Precision - The Dyna-VT transmission offers stepless travel from 0.02 to 30 mph at any engine speed, operated via two speed ranges.
  • Cruise Control - The MF 8700 S Series is fitted with an engine speed "Supervisor" that automatically reduces forward speed to maintain full engine power by maintaining engine speed, whatever the job at hand.
  • Multipad Joystick - MF 8700 S Exclusive Models - The Command Control armrest, and the Multipad joystick, are part of the package that makes these tractors, despite their power, so easy to control with precision. A multitude of functions can be controlled in the palm of your hand.
  • Minimum Weight of 10.8T - With a minimum weight of just 10.8 tons, the MF 8700 S Series tractors are up to 4 tons lighter than others in this class. This allows them to tread lightly for top work and transport.
  • Engine Power Management - 30 HP Boost - These tractors have the considerable benefit of Engine Power Management (EPM), which gives the capability of up to a 30 HP-plus power boost, plus extra torque, whenever you need a bit extra.
  • 8.4 Litre Agco Power 6 Cylinder Engine - These engines generate power from 270 to 405 hp.
  • All-In-One Stage V Engines - These comply with strict Stage V emission regulations using Massey Ferguson’s award-winning "All-in-One" system, which now includes a straightforward soot catalyst.
  • Dyna-VT - With the continuously variable Dyna-VT transmission, Massey Ferguson engineers have developed a system of power transfer that sets a new benchmark for ease of use and precision.
  • Dynamic Tractor Management - For control and comfort Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) works with Dyna-VT and automatically controls engine and transmission when activated. DTM handles engine speed to maintain forward speed and minimize engine revs without losing power.

The MF 8700 S is available in different configurations, Efficient and Exclusive, for a choice of premium or super-premium environments and specifications. Both are designed around a spacious frame and logical, carefully considered controls.

  • Efficient Package as Standard - Efficient is the entry-level package for the MF 8700 S Series, but you will notice that it is anything but basic. It provides all the key elements, with all key functions ergonomically grouped in the Control Command Center armrest.
  • Panorama Can - Best-in-class features in the "Panorama" cab offer the highest levels of comfort, quiet, visibility, space, access and technology.
  • Exclusive Cab - This level, with its more advanced features, aims to cater for more intensive, larger-scale operations seeking cost-effective benefits for the business.
  • Air-Suspended Operator Seat - Optional cab suspension damping can be included. Paired with a premium-class air-suspended operator’s seat, the result is one of the most comfortable rides around.
  • New Dashboard with SIS - The slim dashboard design provides for quick, clear and easy analysis of operating data, presented on the easy-to-read color Setup and Information Screen (SIS).


  • Rear Hitches - The rear hitch with a choice of pintle pin, pick-up hitch, clevis, K80 ball or drawbar has been completely redesigned to make coupling quicker, easier and safer.
  • Braking System - immersed, power-assisted disc brakes, while air brakes for trailed equipment are an option.
  • PTO Speed Control - With the benefit of a constant power band of up to 600 rpm and the ability, with Dyna-VT, to precisely select any ground speed at the chosen engine speed, you can always achieve a perfect match of PTO speed for optimum economy.
  • Electronic Linkage Control - ELC - The industry-leading ELC comes standard. The system provides precise and responsive control of linkage functions, ensuring accurate management of working depth for soil engaging implements and working height for other implements.
  • PTO Speed Options - MF 8700 S tractors can be specified with a fully independent 540 Eco/1,000 RPM PTO, or 1,000/1,000 Eco speeds. External engagement and emergency stop buttons provide convenience and safety.
  • Up To Eight Electrohydraulic Spool Valves - Four electrohydraulic spool valves come standard, with up to eight available if required.
  • Fully Integrated 11,000 LB. Front Linkage - At the front, buyers can specify a fully-integrated 11,000-pound front linkage designed to match the Massey Ferguson front suspension, with two double-acting spool valves and a free return line.
  • Tire Options - The latest tire equipment allows MF 8700 S models to work at low pressures, even on high traction jobs. Choose dual rear wheels with tire size of up to 35 in. and 98 in. diameter for better power transfer to the ground.
  • Ballasts - Available from factory or via AGCO Parts with additional front, rear and tire weights to exactly match your needs.
  • Fingertip Spool Valve Management System - The Fingertip Spool Valve Management System enables complex equipment to be controlled with ease and precision.
  • Speed Steer - The optional Speed Steer feature allows sharp turns to be achieved with far fewer rotations of the steering wheel, so you can make headland or turn-row turns quicker and easier.
  • 26,000 Lb. Rear Linkage Capacity - With a rear linkage lift capacity of 26,000 pounds, there are few tractors in this class that can match the MF 8700 S Series for the ability to hoist heavy implements.

The on- and off-board technology solutions incorporated into the MF 8700 S Series show Massey Ferguson's commitment to innovation. Information is power when it comes to getting the job done more efficiently and more productively. That's why Massey Ferguson delivers straightforward and dependable technology solutions resulting in unbeatable ease of use, improved productivity and profitability through higher yields, lower inputs costs and greater profits.

  • MF Section Control - With the fully automatic Section Control for ISOBUS implements, operators can apply seeds, fertilizer or Crop protection products without overlapping. This prevents double treatment and areas worked outside of the field edges.
  • Datatronic 5 - Available as an option on Efficient and Exclusive models, Datatronic 5 gathers and stores data on both tractor and precision farming setting. In addition, the terminal can be used to control MF Auto Guide, ISOBUS and cameras.
  • FieldStar 5 - The new FieldStar 5 terminal is designed to create a more intuitive precision farming experience, providing a system that delivers a straightforward and easy-to-use experience, improving efficiency, productivity and profitability.
  • MF Connect - MF Connect service enables you — and your dealer — to coordinate, optimize and seamlessly connect your fleet, to better manage maintenance and remotely monitor equipment in the field.
  • MF Task Doc - The MF Task Doc system has a real place in the future of agriculture, helping farmers to become more productive through the knowledge brought by putting precision-measured data at the business owner’s fingertips.
  • MF Guide - MF Guide is Massey Ferguson’s full-featured, hands-free steering system, available on new tractors or as an after-market installation. It is capable of delivering precise, high-accuracy movement, increasing the efficiency of your farming.


Model 8740S
Emissions Level Tier 4 Final 
Max HP 400
Rated HP @ 2,200 RPM 370
PTO HP 3550
Transmission  Dyna-VT (CVT)  26,455
Rear Lift Capacity
@link ends (lbs.)
Weight (lbs.) 23,810