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Massey Ferguson 6S.155

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The MF 6S Series brings the performance of a six-cylinder in the lightweight, compact package of a four-cylinder. Expect high performance across a wide range of applications to meet your needs, no matter the task at hand.

  • ENGINE:  All MF 6S Series tractors are powered by a responsive AGCO Power four-cylinder, 4.9-liter, Tier 4 Compliant Final emissions compliant, delivering maximum power from 145 HP to 180 HP and up to 619 ft./lbs. of torque on the largest model.
  • ALL-IN-ONE AFTERTREATMENT TECHNOLOGY:  The compact engines used in the MF 6S Series tractors use advanced and highly efficient All-in-One SCR technology.
  • PERFORMANCE:  The electronic wastegate on the turbocharger improves performance and emissions control, while the automatic low idle engine speed helps to cut fuel consumption.
  • ECO AS STANDARD:  Automatic Mode delivers a cost benefit: The standard Super Eco feature ensures that maximum speed is achieved at a very low engine speed, reducing fuel consumption (25 mph @ 1500 rpm, 31 mph @ 1800 rpm, depending on tires).
  • PROVEN DYNA-VT TRANSMISSION:  Working in harmony with EPM, Dyna-VT offers infinitely variable speeds, choice of operating modes, and simple electronic programming for class-leading performance, efficiency and economy.
  • ENGINE POWER MANAGEMENT:  The EPM gives up to a 20-plus HP boost, plus extra torque. It is activated automatically in transport but can also be used in the field in conjunction with hydraulics or PTO operation.
  • DEPENDABLE TRANSMISSIONS:  With MF 6S Series tractors, you can choose the transmission that best fits your operation. Dyna-6 offers 24x24 semi-powershifts. Dyna-VT gives stepless shifting for the ultimate in convenience and control in all conditions.
  • DYNA-6:  Delivering class-leading dynamic performance and reliability, the semi-powershift transmission consists of six Dynashift ratios, stepped in four ranges.
  • MF CONNECT:  MF Connect service enables you — and your dealer — to coordinate, optimize and seamlessly connect your fleet to better manage maintenance and remotely monitor equipment in the field.
  • SIMPLE, MULTIFUNCTION POWER CONTROL:  The unique MF Power Control lever provides a power shuttle feature, as well as an alternative method of transmission ratio changing, plus a de-clutch function. Shuttle response can be adjusted according to operator preference.
  • MULTIPAD – TOTAL CONTROL AT THE PALM OF YOUR HAND:  When equipped, the MultiPad lever operates the transmission as well as cruise control, the rear linkage, PTO, headland management and spool valves through the integrated mini joystick.
  • AUTOMATIC MODE:  Automatic Mode takes care of upshifts and downshifts to maximize versatility and output. The response point is adjustable according to your desired engine rpm parameters.
  • BRAKE-TO-NEUTRAL:  The Brake-to-Neutral switch operates the clutch as soon as the brake pedal is depressed. This eases the load on the operator while increasing efficiency and convenience — especially useful for loader operations.
  • SUPERCREEP:  Get more control in specialist low-speed tasks with supercreep gears with forward speeds as low as .02 mph.
  • AFTER-TREATMENT COMPONENTS:  All the aftertreatment components are located on the right side, below the cab, so there is no impact on visibility or cab access. This position still maintains good ground clearance and service access.
  • AIRFLOW SYSTEM:  A new optimized airflow system improves engine cooling, increasing performance and boosting efficiency.



The MF 6S Series offers upgraded capabilities that were previously the domain of six-cylinder tractors. It easily handles heavy-duty applications with outstanding lift and drive. It is lightweight and powerful, torque-rich yet nimble. Looking for a machine with compact dimensions plus unbeatable power take-off and linkage equipment for outstanding operation and performance? You’ve found it.

  • HIGH-CAPACITY REAR LINKAGE:  The MF 6S Series has a rear linkage capacity of up to 21,164 pounds. The rear couplers have a hydraulic decompression system for easy uncoupling of implements, plus up to five spool valves.
  • ELECTRONIC LINKAGE CONTROL SYSTEM:  ELC comes standard, providing precise and responsive control of linkage functions for accurate management of working depth for implements that engage the soil, plus working height for other implements.
  • HYDRAULIC FLOW ON DYNA-6:  MF 6S Series tractors with the Dyna-6 transmission are available with a 29 gal./min. load sensing system.
  • HYDRAULIC FLOW ON DYNA-VT:  For a faster hydraulic response, Dyna-VT models can be equipped with a 50 gal./min. load-sensing system capable of handling the most demanding implements. High flow at low engine speeds ensures high output with economy.
  • AUXILIARY SPOOL VALVES:  A wide choice of spool valves and control options help you make the most of modern implements while easing operation. Depending on how your MF 6S Series tractor is equipped, you’ll find up to five spool valves to meet your needs.
  • FRONT LINKAGE:  A heavy-duty Integrated Front Linkage System (IFLS) is available and designed to match the front suspension. Offering up to 7,055 pounds of link capacity with dedicated front valve control, the IFLS features two spool valves and a free return line.
  • A WIDE CHOICE OF PTO OPTIONS:  Up to four PTO speeds are available as an option: 540, 540 ECO, 1000 or 1000 ECO. As standard, the MF 6S Series tractors are equipped with two PTO speeds at 2000 rpm, where maximum power is achieved.
  • CONSTANT POWER BAND:  With the benefit of a constant power band of up to 600 rpm and the ability of the Dyna-VT transmission to precisely select ground speed at a chosen engine speed, you can always achieve the perfect combination of PTO speed, forward speed and power.
  • IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY:  For lighter-duty work, “540 Eco” or “1000 Eco” PTO speed is achieved at around 1550 engine rpm, further improving fuel economy and helping to reduce in-cab noise levels.



The MF 6S Series tractors have a curved chassis and new hood design, helping them to turn tighter. The chassis also lends itself to improved handling on the road, while the perfect weight distribution delivers excellent traction with minimal soil compaction.

  • TURNING RADIUS:  The curved front frame design of the new MF 6S Series offers up an incredible maneuverability whether you’re in the field or in the yard.
  • FASTER HEADLAND TURNS AND LOADER WORK:  Even on tractors equipped with front linkage, you’ll experience a turning radius of just under 32 feet.
  • SPEEDSTEER:  SpeedSteer simplifies headland turning and maximizes productivity, enabling operators to adjust the steering ratio, reducing the number of steering wheel revolutions required to make turns.
  • QUADLINK FRONT AXLE SUSPENSION:  Quadlink relies on hydraulic accumulators acting on the front axle to dampen the ride over rough roads and fields. It provides 3.5 inches of suspension travel, and an automatic control system ensures equal suspension movement in compression and extension.
  • MORE COMFORT:  The Quadlink system’s simple design produces superior ride comfort, turning angle and offers the full angle of oscillation while maximizing ground clearance and remaining completely maintenance-free.
  • CHASSIS:  The chassis size of the MF 6S Series is perfect for a wide range of tasks, with better handling off road and on. Weighing nearly 900 pounds less compared to its six-cylinder equivalent means higher payload in transport and minimum impact on your land.
  • LONG WHEELBASE:  The long wheelbase and ideal power-to-weight ratio (45% front and 55% rear) of the MF 6S Series tractors ensures the best traction and stability on the four-cylinder market.
  • IMPRESSIVE GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT:  With an increased gross vehicle weight up to 27,558 pounds, the MF 6S Series also has the power to excel in heavier draft operations, with the addition of smart monobloc ballast to boost traction.
  • WIDE CHOICE OF TIRES AND BALLASTS:  The wide choice of tire dimensions and ballasts available for the MF 6S Series offers improved traction and low soil compaction for improved operating costs and higher crop yields.
  • OPTIONAL 42" REAR TIRES:  Superb ground traction is ensured by the optional VF650/60R42 rear tires, available on MF 6S.165 and MF 6S.180. They guarantee maximum power to the ground with minimum soil compaction thanks to their large footprint.



The MF 6S Series cab is renowned for its combination of comfort, quietness (only 70 dB), ease of use and quality.

  • ERGONOMICS:  Large doors and wide steps offer easy access to the MF 6S Series cab. Here you will find all operating information on the comprehensive dashboard. Ease of use is guaranteed with switches and controls that are within easy reach
  • NEW ARMREST:  The new armrest offers a blend of simplicity and ease of use, with all main functions ergonomically grouped. Here you will also find quick and convenient controls for other items such as Bluetooth phone and radio.
  • 360-DEGREE VISIBILITY:  Work smarter with implements and have a better on-road experience with 360-degree cab visibility.
  • TOP-CLASS COMFORT:  Be more productive during a long day with the MF Quadlink suspended front axle, the mechanical active cab suspension option and a choice of seat specification.
  • OPERATOR-FRIENDLY FEATURES:  Other features include automatic beacon activation on the road and a “return home” function, which automatically switches off the work lights and has a comfort cab light delay.
  • ROOF TYPES:  A choice of three roof types offers improved visibility for all applications or increased natural ventilation. Choose between standard roof, standard roof with hatch and Visio roof.
  • MAKE YOUR WORKING LIFE EASIER:  There are also extra sockets for mobile phones or a laptop, radio and MP3 player (USB, AUX and CD), Bluetooth connection, telescopic side mirrors and electric de-icing, plus automatic air conditioning.
  • TURN NIGHT INTO DAY:  The option of 16 LED working lights provides outstandingly bright illumination
  • ADVANCED DASHBOARD WITH PERFORMANCE MONITOR:  Operators will appreciate the slim dashboard, which clearly displays operating data on its 2.75-inch x 2-inch, color setup and information screen.
  • BETTER BY DESIGN:  With the introduction of the MF 6S Series, Massey Ferguson continues its striking new era of design first seen on the MF 8S Series, with the same striking “neo-retro” livery with modern headlights and LED signature.
  • HERITAGE:  This design pays tribute to the brand’s heritage, incorporating an interpretation of the iconic MF gray saber stripe on the side and horse head collar motif on the hood, which dates to the MF 100 series.


Operator Environment

The cabs on the MF 6S Series tractors provide an environment designed specifically to counter stress and fatigue by providing unparalleled comfort, simplicity and visibility. New front axle suspension further improves comfort. The intuitive Datatronic 5 console delivers the information you need to manage and control all the tractor’s functions. A new armrest and improved ergonomics mean all controls are easily accessible for effortless operation. Outside, up to 16 LED lights turn night into day with outstanding brilliance and very low energy consumption. The LED package is also visibly striking during daylight hours, as their design enhances the tractor’s external appearance.

  • CLASSIC VERSION:  The Classic version is equipped with high-standard specifications, including all the key elements you would expect from your tractor, with a blend of simplicity, automation and ease of use to suit a wide range of applications.
  • DELUXE VERSION:  The Deluxe version helps you work smarter, in more comfort. Dedicated to delivering increased efficiency, the Deluxe package enables you to work faster, with more accuracy, together with high levels of comfort, ergonomics and reliability.


Farm Management

  • DATATRONIC 5 – STANDARD ON DELUXE:  The Datatronic 5 system puts all the functions of the MF 6S Series tractor at the operator’s fingertips via its smart 9-inch touch screen.
  • FIELDSTAR 5:  The new Fieldstar 5 terminal creates a more intuitive precision farming experience, delivering a straightforward and easy-to-use experience, improving efficiency, productivity and profitability.
  • MF GUIDE:  MF Guide is Massey Ferguson’s full-featured, hands-free steering system, available on new tractors or as an after-market installation. It is capable of delivering precise, high-accuracy movement, increasing the efficiency of your farming.
  • MF SECTION CONTROL:  With fully automatic section control for ISOBUS implements, operators can apply seeds, fertilizer or crop protection products without overlapping. This prevents double treatment and areas worked outside of the field edges.
  • MF TASKDOC:  The MF TaskDoc system has a real place in the future of agriculture, helping farmers to become more productive through the knowledge brought by putting precision-measured data at the business owner’s fingertips.
  • MF CONNECT:  MF Connect service enables you — and your dealer — to coordinate, optimize and seamlessly connect your fleet to better manage maintenance and remotely monitor equipment in the field.


MODEL 6S.155
ENGINE AGCO Power 4 cylinder, 4.9 Litre