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Massey Ferguson RB 4160V PROTEC

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  • The Highest Bale Compaction - The constant pressure system ensures an equally dense bale throughout, and four continuous belts provide maximum traction while the bale forms, creating the chamber.


  • Hydroflexcontrol - To maximize efficiency in the field and minimize downtime from crop blockages, the MF Round balers are fitted with the unique Hydroflexcontrol protection system which works in two stages:
    • Hydroflexcontrol - Stage 1: The first stage of Hydroflexcontrol allows movement of the front part of the feed chamber floor and will automatically prevent up to 80% of potential blockages and will keep you going without unnecessary downtime.
    • Hydroflexcontrol - Stage 2: Should a major blockage occur, stage two of hydroflexcontrol is activated by the operator, and is cleared by lowering the rear of the feed table floor hydraulically from the cab, allowing for material to easily pass through, therefore minimizing downtime.
  • ProTec Control Panel - An external control panel on the back of the baler allows control of the tailgate, wrapping ring and table and the film clamps for easy film roll change, maintenance or cleaning.
  • ProTec Transport Mode - In transport mode the wrapper ring is folded forwards, reducing the overall machine length to just 5.9m for safer transport and improved maneuverability.
  • ProTec Slope Transfer Mode - For added safety on hillside conditions this mode allows for the transfer arm to move more slowly while the wrapper ring is lifted higher to receive the bale. This ensures that the bale will be securely delivered to the wrapper even in sloping terrain.
  • ProTec Guidance Plates - In addition to the transfer arm, the new design features two active guiding plates on both sides of the baler clearly directing the bale to the center of the wrapper plate allowing for a faster and more secure transfer cycle.
  • ProTec Combination Unit - The unit has a lower crop elevation angle, reducing the overall baler height. This improves stability, allowing safer hillside operation. It also reduces back pressure in the feeding area, streamlining crop flow and minimizing the risk of blockages.
  • ELS Makes It Even Easier - The Easy Load System, or ELS, allows easier loading of the net roll. After loading, the new net roll is simply tipped backward, then lifted and locked into position. It makes the process simple, saving you time and effort.



  • Pick-Up Position - On the MF round balers, the pick-up is positioned very closely to the rotor, therefore improving crop flow and reducing the risk of blockage.
  • ProTec Wrapper Table - The hydraulically driven wrapper table consists of two rollers and three endless belts mounted on a welded frame for extra durability.
  • ProTec Wrapper Table Sensor - A sensor underneath the middle belt will allow for wrapping to begin only after the bale is fully positioned on the table, while four large side support rollers keep the bale centred while wrapping.
  • ProTec Film Roll Holders - Twelve film roll holders are conveniently located at a comfortable height on both sides of the baler and with two additional rolls installed on the wrapper, increase uptime in the field.
  • ProTec Wrapping Ring - The wrapping ring is driven by a set of two rubber rollers, ensuring plenty of gripping surface, eliminating slippage and reducing noise levels.
  • More Tine Bars - Due to the additional space created through the absence of a cam track, five tine bars are now fitted to the pickup. With the tines spaced just 2.5 inches apart, you get an even better and cleaner crop intake.
  • Optional Bale Tipper - An optional bale tipper puts bales on their ends, preventing them from rolling away and making for easier loading on the trailer. The operator can also choose between automatic and manual unloading modes.
  • ProTec Bale Wrapping - Once the bale is transferred to the center of the wrapper table, a hydraulically driven wrapper ring begins its rotation even before the tailgate is fully closed, completing the cycle well before the next bale is formed.
  • ProTec Tires - Massey Ferguson Protec range is equipped with large low-pressure tires for reducing ground compaction. They permit greater stability and maneuverability on headlands without damaging turf also during very wet conditions.
  • ProTec Bale Discharge - To ensure gentle bale unloading, the wrapping table is lowered, thus minimizing the bale’s rolling speed, preventing film damage and maintaining the ideal bale shape.
  • Choice of Pick-Up - The baler features a choice of 2.25m or 2.40m pick-up with a camless design offering higher working speed, reduced maintenance and reduced noise levels.
  • Varionet Wrapping - The Varionet system provides ‘edge to edge’ or ‘over the edge’ wrapping, for perfect bale coverage every time. This means your bales not only look great, but they’re also completely protected against bad weather and crop losses.

The number of unique and patented features make our balers stand out from the crowd. Massey Ferguson ProTec is offered either with our E-Link Pro console, or with ISOBUS. They both have the same simple menu navigation, developed to ensure professional baling as well as advanced process monitoring by the operator.

  • E-link Pro - The E-link Pro touch-screen monitor lets you track bale formation, control cutter engagement and select knife group from inside the cab. In addition, the baler’s ISOBUS design allows the use of any compatible tractor monitor for baler monitoring/control.


Model RB 4160V PROTEC
Chamber Diameter (M) 0.9 - 1.9
Chamber Width (M) 1.23
Pick-Up Width (M) 2.25/2.4
Approximate Weight (KG) 6,550