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Massey Ferguson 2946 & 2946A

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  • Build A Better Bale - Our Quad Cylinders System keeps belt tension consistent, even when ejecting bales — for better bale density and fewer belt problems.
  • Rotor Speedway - Higher capacity, positive rotor feeding incorporates side augers to simplify the drive system and provide quieter, more dependable performance.
  • Better Visibility - The 2900 Series' super-wide, low profile starts with a small-diameter pickup that sticks out further for improved visibility.


  • Quick Service - The one-piece service door makes it easy to access all major drive components for fast, convenient maintenance.
  • Drive On - With only five chains and our exclusive reversible 540- or 1,000-gear box, this renowned drive system is simple and strong.
  • Go Wide - With a wide, low-profile pickup and centering augers, the 2900 Series tackles wide windrows with ease, while maximizing leaf retention.
  • Square Those Shoulders - By packing the open-throat vertical chamber all the way to the edges, these balers deliver dense, square-shouldered bales.
  • Here's The Kicker - A simplified, positive hydraulic kicker ejects bales gently and puts them right where you want them.


  • Easy as 1, 2, 3 - Reloads can be completed in less than 30 seconds and are as simple as inserting a fresh roll, tucking the mesh tail and then closing the mesh brake. Reloads can be easily completed by one person.
  • Automatic Baling - The 2900 Series offers an industry-exclusive auto cycle configuration. Onboard hydraulics control the baler from wrapping through ejection, perfect for inexperienced operators or those looking for the ultimate in ease of use.
  • Easily Monitor Your Progress - The Datatronic 5 has a clear and concise 9" touch screen, which employs tablet and smartphone technology, enables operators to access and change settings quickly and instinctively.



Model 2946 & 2946A
Size 4’ x 6’
Bale Size 46.5” x 72.0”
Bale Weight lbs (kg) 1644 (746)
Minimum PTO hp Requirements 65
Recommended PTO hp Requirements 80