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Massey Ferguson 9545

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We’re always striving to ensure our 9505 Series combines remain an industry leader in performance and innovation. We’ve learned that our best engineers are you, the hardworking people who actually run our equipment, day in and day out. So we work hard to incorporate your ideas and improvements into our combines. To ensure you have an efficient harvest without sacrificing the core needs of harvesting performance, uptime, comfort and ease of use.

  • Rotating Spout: The revolutionary rotating spout option virtually eliminates grain loss from the unloading auger, during and after engagement. Meaning all of the grain in the grain tank makes it out the auger when and where you want. More grain carried out of the field means more savings on your bottom line.
  • Enhanced Perforated Panel: The more grain that goes into the grain tank, the more profitable you are. Our improved front left perforated panel provides more separation area, better distribution of air and more even shoe distribution which limits rotor and shoe loss, as well as reduces grain damage.
  • Enhanced Header Drive: The 9505 Series combines feature an enhanced header drive system that pushes more horsepower where it’s needed most, ensuring your combine can handle headers that require high horsepower. Heavier shafts and bearings improve durability and reduce downtime, giving you more chopping capacity and quality.
  • Hydraulic Cleaning Fan Drive: The variable-speed hydraulic fan provides a wider speed range for enhanced cleaning performance. In addition, it gives you the ability to quickly, easily and accurately adjust fan speed to match changing crop conditions and handle more crop types.



When it comes to your combine, you care about how much clean grain it can get out as quickly as possible. The 9505 Series combine includes a number of features designed to keep you running, smoothly, while minimizing downtime and maximizing profit.

  • V-Cool: The industry-leading V-Cool system utilizes smart technology to automatically adjust fan speed based on engine temperature. This ensures the right amount of airflow, keeping horsepower focused where it matters most to provide optimal power and torque to the rotor.
  • AGCO Power Engine: Our turbocharged Tier 4 Final AGCO PowerTM 9.8L seven-cylinder diesel engines are built for heavy-duty work in the toughest conditions. We’ve replaced the 90-degree gearboxes with a simple two-belt mechanical drive, giving you the latest technology with low maintenance and unmatched fuel economy.
  • Advanced Yield and Guidance Options: Optional Auto-Guide 3000 and optional Ag Leader ready yield sensing technology components are available from the factory. These options ensure 9505 Series combines contain the technology you need to quickly, accurately and efficiently harvest your crop. 
  • 2-Speed Hydrostatic Drive: Each Massey Ferguson 9505 Series combine is equipped with 4 gears and a two-speed hydrostat, giving you the ability to shift between high and low range on the go.



When you’re spending so much time in your combine, you want the most comfortable experience possible. The Massey Ferguson 9505 Series combine offers many operator comfort features to ensure you only call it a day on your own terms.

  • Spacious Ergonomic Cab Layout: The cab of the 9505 Series is designed with you in mind. The color scheme, head liner, controls layout and overall fit and finish have all been redesigned. You may think these features aren’t a huge deal, but after spending hours on end in this cab, you’ll certainly appreciate them.
  • Noise and dust reduction: Many people accept noise and dust contamination as the norm in a combine. The Massey Ferguson 9505 series combine has been designed to keep these to minimal levels during operation. It’s the small details that make all the difference. 
  • Heated / Cooled Seat: When you’re in the seat all day, it’s even more important for it to be comfortable. The optional heated and cooled seat makes it easier on you, whether you’re spending long hot summer days or cold fall days in your combine.



Chain size 4-strand HD #557
Variable-speed header drive Optional
Feed reverser Electro-hydraulic
Housing width in. (mm) 55.4 (1,408)
Lateral tilt Standard
Rock protection Standard stone trap
System Rotary
Concave type Grain: Small wire; Corn / Soybean: Round bar
Concave overload protection Spring-dampened
Concave / grate area in.2 (m2) 2,115 (1.36)
Separating area in.2 (m2) Grain: 3,420 (2.2) Corn / Soybeans: 3,886 (2.5)
Rotor type Segmented element
Rotor diameter in. (mm) 31.5 (800)
Rotor length in. (mm) 140 (3,556)
Drive type Variable belt / 2-speed
Drive speed (RPM) Low speed: 277-743; High speed: 481-1,293
Processor reverser Electro-hydraulic ring and pinion
Cleaning stages 3
Pre-cleaner area in.2 (m2) 992 (0.64)
Chaffer area in.2 (m2) 4,588 (2.96)
Sieve area in.2 (m2) 3,875 (2.50)
Total area in.2 (m2) 9,455 (6.10)
Cleaning fan type and diameter in. (mm) Transverse, 13 (330.0)
Grain bin bu. (L) 350 (12,334)
Unloading auger diameter in. (mm) 15 (381)
Average unload rate bu. / sec (L / sec) 4.0 (141)
Unloading auger length from center line in. (m) Std. 292.6 (7.4); Opt. 328.0 (8.3)
Unloading auger discharge height in. (m) Std. 171.2 (4.34); Opt. 179.8 (4.6)
Straw chopper (Opt.) 2-speed MAV™
Straw spreader 2-speed
Hydraulic chaff spreader Optional
Engine model AGCO Power™ 98 ATI AGCO Power™
Displacement in.3 (L) 598 (9.8)
Number of cylinders 7 / inline
Horsepower @ 2,100 RPM SAE (kW) Rated 375 (280); Unload boost 451 (336)
Fuel tank capacity gal. (L) 230 (870)
Transmission (variable / manual) 2-speed hydrostatic /4-speed
Steering axle options Std. adjustable; Opt. 2-speed RWA
Hydraulic pump Piston / variable disp.
Hydraulic reservoir capacity gal. (L) 22.5 (85.2)
Standard seats High-back cloth, pneumatic suspension
Optional seats  
*Manufacturers estimate at time of publication, subject to change without prior notification.  
**With mechanical transmission