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Massey Ferguson 9540

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Massey Ferguson® introduced the first self-propelled combine in 1938. It was innovative then - and those engineers would be amazed at how the 9500 has brought innovation to a whole new level.

  • Field intelligence: Fieldstar II® fully integrates a yield sensor, moisture sensor, GPS and a new C2100 Virtual Terminal so you can monitor more functions and make more informed decisions
  • Processing marvel: The new Trident™ Processor promotes significantly more throughput while enhancing grain quality
  • Clean getaway: Our advanced stratified cleaning system features almost 10,000 sq. in. of cleaning area with a shorter grain pan for full-length cleaning

This is truly the next generation in combines, providing the power and technology it takes to get the most from your harvest.

  • Impressively tough SISU engines: Designed specifically for Massey Ferguson combines, 9500 engines offer peak performance even at max power, with unsurpassed torque and fuel economy
  • Fast response, lower emissions: Our self-adjusting, proprietary fuel injection system monitors engine performance so fuel delivery rate and timing are in constant sync
  • Clean, clean & clean some more: The innovative multi-stage stratified cleaning process uses forced air to deliver full-length cleaning and less sensitivity to field slopes
  • Capability at your fingertips: The console and hydrostatic joystick make it incredibly easy to control your direction, speed and harvesting functions.

Comfort over long stretches of time. Every control within easy reach. A customized seat for less fatigue. And a panoramic view of your field. You've just described the 9500 Series' ComforTech II™ cab.

  • See it all: A 61.2 sq. ft. expanse of tinted glass gives you a full view of the field, headers and side mirrors, with less glare and heat buildup in the cab
  • Best seat in the house: An ergonomically designed, air suspension high-back seat with armrests can be fully customized, from cushion angle and depth to lumbar support
  • Sound barrier: Increased sound insulation throughout the cab dramatically reduces decibel levels for a quieter workday



Model 9540
Engine hp (kW) 370 (276)
Bulge hp (kW) 426 (318)
Unload Boost hp (kW) 426 (318)
Grain Tank Capacity bu (L) 350 (12,333)