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On-the-go hydraulic drive of  reel, sickle, auger and conditioner allows the operator to be in full control of all aspects of hay and forage harvesting from the operator’s seat (header drive reversing requires valve on SP tractor and is only available on M205 and M155 models) • Cam forward reel tine control reduces loading on bearings and cam-track for quieter operation and longer life • Highly durable poly auger pans for improved crop flow and reduced dirt build up and rock damage • N-bar non-contact steel conditioner rolls for optimum conditioning action • Optional double windrower attachment

SIZES • 14 ft. (4.3 m) • 16 ft. (4.9 m) • 18 ft. (5.5 m)

Wide Conditioner Rolls

A full 102" (2590 mm) wide, the A Series conditioner rolls provide extra width and increase the amount of crop in contact with the rolls. This improves crimping performance and ensures thorough conditioning of the loading on bearings and cam-track for quieter operations. A40 D Grass Seed plant stem. The use of steel on steel intermeshing roll design ensures that leaves are retained for high protein value providing high quality hay, forage and alfalfa crops.

MacDon's A40-D Grass Seed

MacDon's A40-D Grass Seed model features include independent speed control of auger, reel and sickle permitting precise on-the-go adjustments to crop conditions and windrow formation. You also get a 7 bat reel, special stub guards, an adjustable windrow opening with forming rods and manual or optional on the go hydraulic guard angle adjustment for quick and easy switching between short and long stubble lengths.

Double Windrow Attachment Option (A Series)

MacDon’s double windrow attachment feature lets you lay up to 48' (14.6 m) of crop in a single windrow. This is ideal for today s large forage harvesters and can translate into significant time and fuel savings for producers who employ this feature.


A Series

Double Placement          36 ft. (11.0 m)

Triple Placement            154 ft. (16.5 m)

1 Triple placement is possible with installation of GPS Auto Steer on your Windrower

Skid Shoes Option

Improves the placement of the cutterbar in relation to the ground, thereby reducing wear on the cutterbar and enhancing the in field performance of the header.

Stub Guard Option

Stub guards mount directly to the cutterbar to improve cutting performance in tough, stringy grass type crops, and crops that need to be cut close to the ground (such as grass, hay, and rice). Kits can be ordered based on size of product.

Gauge Roller Option

Attached behind the cutterbar to reduce wear on the cutterbar wear plate and improve the movement of the header over uneven terrain, as well as in sand or firm soil conditions. Optional for A and 16' R Series.


Size 14 ft (4.3 m)                  16 ft (4.9 m)
Weight 4,068 lb. (1846 kg))      4,258 lb. (1932 kg)
Sickle: Type / Drive / Speed / Stroke / Guards / Sickle Sections Double knife/Hydraulic, dual MacDon wobble boxes/Variable 1,450 to 1,900 SPM/3 in. (76 mm)/Pointed DHT (double heat-treated)/3 in. (76 mm) stub guards
Reel: Type / Drive / Speed (optional sprockets) / Fingers 7 bat, oval closed bats with end caps, sectioned bar with greaseable ball bearings/Hydraulic, motor to enclosed gearbox/Variable from cab 51 to 85 RPM/Steel
Conveyor (Auger): Type / Drive / Speed (optional sprockets) / Delivery Width 20 in. (508 mm) undershot, center-feed auger over replaceable high density polyethylene auger pans, rubber feed fingers/Hydraulic, direct mounted motor/Variable 230 to 320 RPM/95.7 in (2430 mm)


Tall crop divider, stub guards (standard on grass seed header), additional skid shoes, gauge rollers, hydraulic angle header kit (check with dealer for tractor specifications required), double windrow attachment (can not be used on grass seed header)