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MacDon FD2 50'

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Aluminum Components

From a glance, the most noticeable design cue on the FD2 is the addition of aluminum components. Aluminum features include reel endshields, reel sectors, and backsheets. But these components aren't just for looking good; they help reduce the overall weight of the header, improving efficiency without compromising strength.


The MacDon brand always has and always will stand for reliability; that's what makes MacDon the preferred choice of more custom harvesters and high-volume operations around the world. Engineering rock-solid products is how we ensure this reliability, and the FD2 carries that tradition forward. The FD2 boasts an all-new frame that features a super structured five-sided back tube. This solid backbone creates a durable platform to handle the increased capacity needs from 50 inch deep drapers+. 

+127 cm (50”)


You can't be the harvesting specialists without being serious about harvesting; that's why MacDon added a bunch of little extras onto each FD2 to keep the crop moving in the right direction, into the combine and onto your bottom line.

Standard On All FD2 Models, The Clean Sweep Crop Keeper System Includes:

  • Angled reel fingers and tines on the reel ends.
  • Reel endshield crop paddles.
  • Reel endshield crop deflectors.
  • Inner endshield crop deflector fingers. 


FD2 FlexDraper® Specifications

Size* 15.2 M (50')
Weight** Single Knife Drive -
Weight** Double Knife Drive -
Weight ** Double Knife Drive With Triple Reel 4853 kg (10699 lb)
Knife: Type / Drive / Speed/Guards Single or Double knife / Hydraulic, MacDon design enclosed oil bath knife drive box(es) / 1200-1400/1500 spm, varies depending on header size / ClearCut™ Pointed Guards - Forged and Double Heat Treated (DHT) with Forged, Single Bolt Adjustment Hold-Down; ClearCut™ PlugFree™ Short Guards - Forged and Double Heat Treated (DHT) with Forged, Dual Bolt Adjustment Hold-Down
Reel: Type / Drive / Speed / Fingers Pick-up reel, five bats, two-piece (double) or three-piece (triple), flip-over design, cam-leading finger control / Hydraulic / 0 to 67 rpm (varies depending on combine model) / 279 mm (11") length, wear-resistant HD plastic, 102 mm (4") spacing
Conveyor: Type / Drive / Speed 1270 mm (50") deep, reversible, rubber skim-coated drapers, double V-guide with tracking, integral seal on leading edge / 0 to 209 m/min (0 to 687 ft/min)
Standard Features Fits most current model combines, hydraulic fore-aft reel positioner, hydraulic header tilt, in-cab side draper speed control, cutterbar poly wear plates, auto-header height with header angle and ground pressure indicators
Field-Installed Options EasyMove™ Transport System, ContourMax Contour Wheels, Upper Cross Auger, VetiBlade Vertical Knife, stabilizer wheels, lateral tilt automatic header height control


FM200 Float Module Specifications

  Center Draper Feed Auger
Weight Approximately 1029 kg (2270 lb), varies by combine configuration Feed Auger Feed  
Size 2000 mm (78.7") width 1630 mm (64.1") width
Type Hydraulic drive (reversible), self tracking rubber coated polyester fabric feed draper with rubber slats Mechanical drive (reversible), removable retracting fingers with bolt on flighting
Speed 107-122 m/min (350-400 ft/min), varies with combine brand 191 - 195 rpm, varies with combine brand
Header Floatation: Type/Vertical Range/Lateral Range (Tilt) 2 pairs of coil springs, independent adjustment, transport lock-out / 178 mm (7") / 4.8 degrees


FD2 Flex Range

  Standard (Factory) Range Increased Range**
FD230 165 mm [6.5"] up & 130 mm [5"] down 165 mm [6.5"] up & 165 mm [6.5"] down
FD235 205 mm [8"] up & 130 mm [5"] down 205 mm [8"] up & 205 mm [8"] down
FD240 Double Reel 205 mm [8"] up & 130 mm [5"] down 205 mm [8"] up & 205 mm [8"] down
FD241 205 mm [8"] up & 130 mm [5"] down 205 mm [8"] up & 205 mm [8"] down
FD240 Triple Reel 205 mm [8"] up & 205 mm [8"] down  
FD245 216 mm [8.5"] up & 216 mm [8.5"] down  
FD250 216 mm [8.5"] up & 216 mm [8.5"] down